Big Issues

Our region is in need of more than a recovery.  We need a complete renaissance, building a new foundation to replace the crumbling remains of our prosperous past.

Matt de Heus brings a vibrant new focus, an eye for innovation and a knack for solutions to the traditionally staid 5th Congressional District race.  His hopes for the area focuses on four key areas:
Energy – Sustainable, renewable, safe, clean and cost effective power.
Employment – Stable, good paying jobs.  Manufacturing, agriculture, construction and small business start ups all require equal attention.
Education – Quality, affordable public options for education at all phases of our working careers.
Environment – Stewardship of our abundant natural resources.

And unlike many candidates who claim to support similar goals, Mr. de Heus actually has EXPERIENCE in these critical areas.  In over 20 years as an engineer, international executive, academic and author, he has built a track record of success and broad body of expertise.  The time has come to put him to work for you in Washington.